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Alef Initiative

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Web design, Development

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05 December 2022

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Baghdad ,Iraq

Alef Initiative

“Alif” Initiative was established in 2017 as an initiative that works to support vulnerable groups in Iraqi society by providing free education to orphaned children, children from impoverished families, and displaced individuals. It also includes children living in areas affected by armed conflicts. The initiative aims to create employment opportunities for young people from the same demographic in the education sector. The initiative is registered as one of the initiatives of the Bonyan Organization for Development and Education in Iraq. The Bonyan Organization for Development and Education is a non-governmental organization registered with the Iraqi Non-Governmental Organizations Department under number 1SE2204022.

The “Alif” Initiative focuses on establishing educational centers specifically catered to orphans and disadvantaged individuals, providing them with a suitable learning environment and assisting them in continuing their educational journey. Additionally, efforts are made to reintegrate children who have dropped out of school back into the education system.

Alef Initiative

The educational centers are either directly established by the Alif Initiative or in collaboration with other local organizations or relevant official educational authorities. The Alif Initiative fully manages these centers, ensuring their effective operation and implementation of educational programs.

In addition to providing education for children, the centers of the “Alif” Initiative also serve as training centers for youth from vulnerable groups in Iraqi society. These young individuals are trained in the necessary skills to work in the education sector, with the aim of equipping them for employment opportunities in this field. As for parents, coordination is made with the Ministry of Education and relevant authorities to establish literacy centers specifically for them, thereby including the entire family in the educational program. These centers aim to teach reading and writing to parents who suffer from illiteracy, thus enhancing the educational level of the entire family.

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